What are the issues that Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Centers Have When Preparing for and Addressing Bed Bug issues? Below are some of the things attendees will discuss at Bell Environmental’s seminar on bed bugs and senior living: “Bed Bugs: Realities and Remedies.” Sign up now for the event which will be held later this week, June 13, at 5:30pm.

  • Implementing proactive education programs that are provided on ongoing basis given staff turnover.
  • Determining how at risk your facilities are and creating prevention strategies
  • Destigmatizing bed bug issues
  • Creating clear and consistent communication strategies when issues arise, including maintaining a chain of command and discretion to avoid causing panic
  • Creating action plans for identification and treatment of bed bugs in anticipation of problems hitting- because improvising when issues arise will create additional problems, cause delays, and leave out essential measures

and much much more!

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