Welcome to our new Bell-Environmental.com website. For the past 50 years, we’ve been a leader in providing top quality pest control that solves customers’ problems. This site explains how and how hard we work to help our clients eliminate bed bug problems, and resolve and prevent insect, mouse, rat issues. Bell Environmental – the leading bed bug control company Just like “It’s not TV, It’s HBO;” we’re not an exterminator, we’re Bell Environmental!!! We provide complete and thorough solutions that our peers do not offer. In this site we explain the Bell Difference, and how our strong work ethic, skilled labor, and technology replace the need for pesticides.

The new Bell-Environmental.com provides consumers and businesses with resources as you confront pest control issues. It explains the key and specific health and pest concerns that offices, health care facilities, research labs, restaurants have and how you can meet them in ways that meet business requirements, prevent shut downs and interruptions, and avoid regulatory issues. The site also provides a great deal of information about bed bugs, which are of great concern for people and organizations. We teach you how to avoid encounters, how to detect bed bugs, and the best ways to get rid of them- and our solutions are the best in terms of safety, thoroughness, health, and effectiveness. The site has a lot of helpful links to the latest industry resources and news about bed bugs, pictures of bites, signs of infestations and much more. We invite you to check it out and return frequently to our blog and website