Watch out! Burglars are posing as bed bug exterminators New York City. Incidents were reported in Brooklyn this spring and in Manhattan this summer . As if the fear of bed bugs wasn’t trouble enough!

Some helpful advice:
1. Be careful and safe when anyone unexpected knocks on your door.
2. Pest control companies should only arrive at your home by appointment or with a representative of your building.
3. They should have uniforms and ID cards with their company information
4. If you don’t have bed bugs, you don’t need pest control- there is no preventative pesticide that you can or should spray! Most bed bugs spread in a building by hitchhiking in or crawling under the front door.
5. If you have bed bugs, a treatment shouldn’t be a surprise- you need to prepare your home and be on site to talk with your reputable exterminator before the treatment begins. This is important to note: If you’re a consumer who has bed bugs, a treatment shouldn’t be the immediately after you call for bed bug control from your building’s super – you need to prepare your home (including emptying out drawers and bagging things up so the pest control company can treat all the cracks and crevices.