Bell is proud to offer disinfecting and sanitizing services for offices and locations in NY and NJ that are reopening and ramping up after pausing their operations. Since its founding in 1963, Bell has performed top quality work to protect indoor environments from pests and the germs and diseases they carry.
Our company now provides new disinfecting treatments that can eliminate COVID-19 and other viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

Bell’s new services make your location into a safer, healthier environment for your staff, customers, and visitors. Our specialists disinfect large indoor areas and office spaces quickly to eliminate germs

Business owners benefit immensely. By using Bell to disinfect you:
• Care for your employees by getting rid of what makes people ill.
• Put germs out of business and boost productivity.
• Have healthier spaces for healthier employees.

How does it work? Our technicians use high-tech tools to disinfect your building’s hard, non-porous surfaces with a 99.9% efficacy rate. This service is superior to and different than your regular office cleaning.

Our services are effective for all industries and safe and gentle enough to be used in residences. Your facility will be a sanitary place.

Learn more by visiting our disinfecting page.