It’s time to come back to the topic of bed bug remedies after a few posts on mattresses and Spider-Man. Have you seen the latest research and news on bed bug solutions or, to put it accurately, a lack of solution?

NPR’s headline summed it up nicely in their article, “Buzz Off: Bedbugs Unfazed By Ultrasonic Devices”.

A recently published report by university entomologists showed that ultrasonic devices advertised as bed bug repellents don’t actually repel the insects.

The scientists used four different ultrasonic devices available on Amazon: one that was designed specifically for bedbugs, and three that claimed to repel insects and small furry mammalian pests. The devices were used according to manufacturers’ instructions. A sound arena was created for each ultrasonic device, in addition to a control arena which featured no sound. However, the authors found that there were no significant differences in the number of bed bugs observed in the control (no sound) and sound arenas, and that bed bugs were neither deterred nor attracted to the arena with the sound device.

Again, none of the four devices drove the bedbugs away. Read the abstract here and the full report in the Journal of Economic Entomology.

There really are no easy solutions for bed bugs, and there’s no substitute for the hard and thorough work necessary to remove these insects from an affected area. Contact Bell Environmental Services today for real bed bug solutions.