Why do we keep writing about Spider-Man?  Because there are so many relevant angles to cover!  We recently posted about a hypothetical encounter between Spider-Man and Bedbug Man sitting in a bar, courtesy the New Yorker magazine.  Did you know that Spider-Man’s publisher, Marvel, also has bed bugs on the brain.  In a recent storyline, Spider-Man moved to Brooklyn (from his longtime home Queens) and encountered a group of heroes who got their powers due to their landlord’s odd bed bug treatment method.

We’re not making this up!  Really!  The news was even covered in the New York Times! Really!  Click here for more.

This of course follows an earlier Marvel storyline called Spider Island, in which superpowers were actually spread to people by genetically engineered bed bugs.

It’s clear that bed bugs are a even larger problem in Marvel’s fictional New York City than ours.