No One Should Have To Live This Way

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Living through these challenging COVID times is bad enough, but no one should have to live in a building with broken elevators, without air conditioning to soothe medical conditions, and major pest infestations. Residents described their situation to NY1 and it's horrific. Here's an excerpt from the news report that came out earlier today: Pest-Infested

It’s Worth Repeating NYC Mice & Rats Carry Dangerous Bacteria

By |2018-04-27T18:42:30-05:00April 27th, 2018|and rats, and rodents, mice, pest control|

Bell Environmental recently wrote about how mice found in NYC apartment buildings carry disease-causing bacteria, including a few superbug germs.  This is a subject worth revisiting and repeating because the study is alarming and because of the close contact humans have with mice. According to the Columbia University scientists who were quoted in a very good

NYC has a Huge Rodent Problem, Your Building Doesn’t Need To!

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This year and especially this summer complaints have grown about New York City’s Rat and Mouse problems. The construction of the 2nd Avenue Subway and lean city budgets just make problems worse. A recent Channel 11 story showed rats taking over NYC Tompkins Square Park where toughened, veteran squirrels are terrified of their distant cousins.

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