With NYC’s Rodent & Insect Problems This Big, You Need Our Pest Solutions!

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New York has always had pest problems, but things have really gotten out of control. There were a staggering 21,800 pest control complaints last year to 311. With an estimated 25 million rats living in NYC Construction of the Second Avenue Subway, Atlantic Yards arena and complex, at Columbia University and other projects have stirred up

“Roscoe’s Bed Bug Tips” is Back in the App Store

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We encourage everyone to download Bell Environmental’s FREE Smartphone App “Roscoe’s Tips,” which is available for Apple, Android and Blackberry phones and tablets.  You’ll really want this app on your phone before traveling for Memorial Day or  a summer vacation.  Click here for links to the app on all of these platforms. The app is designed

Insect Music by the Laurie Berkner Band, for the (Parents of) Toddlers Reading This Blog

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As part of our Insect Music series, we bring you the Laurie Berkner Band singing ”Bumblebee (Buzz Buzz).”  Toddlers (and parents of toddlers) will definitely know and enjoy the song. Don’t worry, just because we watch Nick Jr. all the time (we have young children), we’re not going to place any links to shows like Miss

Are There Pest Problems Bell Environmental Can’t (or Won’t) Solve?

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Bell Environmental has become a well-known pest control company with a 50-year history of providing top quality pest control services.  We’re pleased to get calls and inquiries from all customers, but our range of services is more limited than our knowledge base. We are proud to serve and focused on solutions for insect and rodent problems

Our Insect Music Series Continues with Alien Ant Farm

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We’re continuing our new series of Insect Music blog entries. Who can follow the Beatles and Adam Ant? How about a pop legend? Michael Jackson. While we can’t stretch “Beat It,” “Thriller,” “Dirty Diana,” “Off The Wall,” or even “Bad” to have anything to do with insects, Michael’s first hit single “Ben” is actually about a rat, (no

NYC Restaurants: Don’t Risk Lower Grades, Fines & Shut Downs By The Health Department!

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When we focus our blog posts on one industry, it’s because we have something important to explain.  This is our second post on Restaurants and Pest Issues, and we want to spell out the rising stakes for restaurants owners of poor pest control services. Mice, rats, roaches, and flies in your kitchen and dining rooms mean

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