“Get Back” To Insect Music Friday

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We’re glad our Insect Music series is back!  Let’s go back to the heart of this series with a doubleshot of the Beatles, but with a twist.  Here are videos of Paul McCartney performing two Beatles’ classics with “Sirvana,” the band he formed with the surviving members of Nirvana. Here are ”Get Back”…… …. and “Helter Skelter.”

Ants and Other ‘Stowaway’ Insects Are Invading New Continents

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We’ve seen some interesting articles on how insect species are spreading to regions of the world that they don’t normally inhabit.  Once present, the insects establish themselves, and can displace other species of insects, affect the environment, harm human health, and cause unexpected troubles for residents.  USA Today wrote about how crazy ants are displacing fire

Going Buggy Over An Insect Diet

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We’re not fond of a diet heavy on insects, no matter the merits pointed out by the United Nations, University of Chicago students, and others. We’ve made our feelings clear on this blog, but have been topped in the depth of opposition by a local man who wrote to his newspaper editors the following: Dear

Jerry Seinfeld on “Bugs”

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We can’t always be serious in the blog, need something to start our work week off with a smile, and grab any reason we can to include Jerry Seinfeld in this blog. We don’t have enough time today to detail why Jerry needed an exterminator on the show Seinfeld, and why it affected Elaine’s job

Bug Bombs Blew Up A Building In NYC’s Chinatown

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Bell Environmental takes our customers’ and the public’s safety very seriously.  We want to make the people aware that they should not try dangerous do it yourself solutions to eliminate pests, and that “over the counter” chemicals can be quite hazardous. How serious are the problems that do it yourself treatments with consumer products can

NBC-4 New York I-Team: “Bedbug Treatments Leave Homes in Flames”

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WNBC-4 reported on the danger of bed bug heat treatments last week.  In case you missed it, here’s the news article accompanying the video segment that aired on July 2, 2013. I Team: Bedbug Treatments Leave Homes in Flames People who get bedbugs often say they would try anything to get rid of the bloodsucking pests, and

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