This is more timely and interesting than our usual Friday music video.  Did you see Roscoe on News 12 – NJ yesterday?  Roscoe and Bell Environmental stopped by the News 12 – NJ studio to film a segment of “The Pet Stop,” its weekend show about animals.  The Pet Stop, hosted by veterinarian Dr. Brian Voynick, can be seen at 45 minutes past the hour in every daytime newscast starting at 6 a.m., both Saturday and Sunday.  Our upcoming segment was previewed and visit was highlighted by our favorite #njmorningshow news team in the following clip.


Our dialogue with News 12 continued on Twitter today when the anchors, weatherman, and traffic reporter exchanged tweets with Roscoe. (Yes, Roscoe tweets as @RoscoeTheBedBugDog. His English is excellent, especially his spelling and grammar, but typing is hard considering his lack of opposable thumbs.)

Thanks again to the Pet Stop and News 12.  We’ll be happy to return anytime!