We appreciate the attention that Bell Enviromental’s canine detective Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog gets as a public figure.

To answer a couple of concerns and questions about “What if something happens to Roscoe?”

  1. No. Bell Environmental will not go out of business or stop serving our customers with canine inspections.  We have 5 other inspection teams including 3 beagles, a Jack Russell and a mixed-breed.  We’re pleased that all of our dogs are capable detectives on inspection teams are certified by the World Detector Dog Organization
  2. Nothing bad has actually happened to Roscoe. We saw a tweet and blog posting “Roscoe, the Bed Bug Dog, Killed by New Strain of Bed Bugs” posted by HilariousNYC. It was obviously satirical and we’re pleased to be part of the public discourse. (In fact, we were flattered when we saw a parody of our “Where’s Roscoe?” commercial.)

We’re glad Roscoe is in the esteemed company of Mark Twain, Paul McCartney, Jon Bon Jovi (we’re a NJ-headquartered company), and others who have had premature obituaries (And to make sure no one is confused there is not a new strain of aggressive bed bugs that cause canines’ or people’s deaths.)

However, could the author at least (warning – spoilers ahead):

At least Roscoe wasn’t tied up and tortured by having to watch to Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock music videos!