Bell Environmental has been around for 50 years, but we couldn’t have anticipated this, the biggest plot development in Spider-Man comics, perhaps ever. After 50 years of spinning webs and catching criminals, Peter Parker is no longer Spider-Man – supposedly for good. As Seth and Amy the SNL News Anchors would say: Really Marvel? Really??  (or just with Seth)

In issue 700 of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” Peter Parker’s mind is trapped in the dying body of his nemesis, Doctor Octopus. And Doc Ock takes over Spider-Man’s body, and changes his evil ways to become a hero.  This development has caused controversy with fans.

As for Bell Environmental, we do blog about Spider-Man and other insects/arachnids and more from the comic book world. We haven’t seen this kind of plot twist since oh, every 1980s age changing / body switching movie ever…… (The best one of that era being Big.)  Is this Disney’s fault? Since they bought Marvel is it trying to work Disney plots such as Freaky Friday into the comics? We don’t know, but we’ll just stick to the 1960s era Spider-Man cartoons, which our toddlers like and love to sing along during the catchy theme song.

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