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Bell Environmental Services has the eliminates and prevents rats, mice, roaches and other pest problems that plague NYC. With decades of commercial pest control experience, we deliver proactive Integrated Pest Management solutions. Our high quality services eliminate problems and make sure that they don’t return. Bell Environmental’s experts minimize the impact on you, your employees, customers, residents, and the environment. Our approach and level of quality is unique in the pest control industry. We back our commercial pest control services with our Zero-Pest Zone System® guarantee that treated areas will be free of pests, letting you live, dine, and work without worries of health, nuisance, and sanitary problems!

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  • Rats, Mice & Rodent Control – New York City’s rat and mice problems have never been worse than today! There’s no reason your UWS or Upper East Side apartment building, business, supermarket, organization, restaurant, or favorite park should have to live with these scary and disease causing and carrying rodents.
    • Bell Environmental protects our customers so you are safe from mice and rats.
    • Bell’s rat extermination and mice extermination services are a multilayer defense. We protect the outside of your condo/co-op/rental building or store and put an internal mechanical trapping program that catches and eliminates rodents from any building.
    • We also protect residents from rodent issues in their own condos. We trap pests and identify and seal holes and crevices where mice enter apartments so people don’t share their kitchens and living rooms with these unwanted pests.
    • We look for patterns in buildings so rodent issues in one unit don’t go up and down a line or the hall to cause problems for neighbors. Bell prevents rodent problems by performing rodent proofing and exclusion and providing top quality service, not by placing out an allegedly better mouse trap.
  • Roach Control – Our roach extermination services can put an end to any roach infestation using our Zero-Pest Zone System® – no matter how invasive it might be.
    • Whether German roaches crawled in from a food delivery or another way, these invaders are not welcome you want in your kitchen or bathrooms.
      American Roaches and water bugs are never friends that that you need to run into your building’s laundry room.
    • That’s why Bell Environmental provides pest control services that solve roach issues from building basements and compactor rooms all the way up to top floors.
    • We provide cockroach removal and prevention services in all five boroughs of New York City as well as the entire Metro region. Our solutions are quick, thorough, and help prevent issues from reemerging.
  • Ants, Flies & Other Insect Control – Are other bugs invading your building? Our targeted commercial pest control methods destroy anything on six, eight, or a thousand legs! Bell Environmental is expert at keeping flies from becoming issues for your office and is prepared for when ants pop up on your stoop, balcony, and roof.
  • Green Pest Control – Bell is a pioneer in providing “Green Pest Control” that goes hand in hand with buildings’ efforts to meet WELL Building and Wellness standards. We service LEED and Green buildings so they don’t have pests which are certain a unwanted negative impact on community lifestyles. Bell Environmental’s uses mechanical approaches and specific material choices in sensitive, indoor environments and outdoor spaces to provide healthier, safer, and more comfortable environments for residents and tenants communities. Environmental isn’t new to us – it’s been our name for 40 years!

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