One of the problems that went unmentioned in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is how it will the storm cause greater pest problems.  Sandy flooded portions of New York, including New York City’s subway system. For example, all seven subway tunnels running under the East River from Manhattan to Queens and Brooklyn took in water. The subways not only transport commuters, they are also homes to rats who live in the tunnels and feed off the garbage passengers generate.

Articles from The Huffington Post, and Pest Control Technology said the flooding of New York City subway system displaced, and didn’t kill these rodents, who are strong swimmers, climbers, and survivors and could lead to a Ratpocalypse, whereas other accounts suggest that the rapid flooding killed large populations of the rats that were unable to flee the storm and its effects.

NYC already has a significant rat problem. We believe Sandy’s only magnifies New York’s rodent problems.

Where will the rats go, especially in the winter? They will feast on garbage that is left outside, and sanitation pick ups in NY have taken a back seat to other clean up issues. Rats will also seek shelter in buildings – ie residential and commercial buildings, leading to new rodent problems for residents and businesses.  Rats aren’t just a nuisance, they are health hazards and carry diseases.

In addition, forthcoming construction to repair and rebuild to the city and surrounding areas is likely to disturb the habitats of rodents and other animals, leading to new and ongoing problems for neighboring buildings.

It looks like Sandy’s effects will be felt for a long time to come.  Fortunately, Bell Environmental is here to help.  Our pest control solutions eliminate any pest problems, especially the toughest situations.  Click here, or give us a call to learn more!