A client wrote us, “Can I book an antifreeze bed bug treatment for a 2 bedroom apartment?”

Yes, we can book a treatment and will be there to help soon. 

We know this person made an innocent mistake with the name of our method for treating bed bugs.  Antifreeze is a freeze preventive used in internal combustion engines and other heat transfer applications, such as HVAC chillers and solar water heaters. (Thanks Wikipedia for a better definition than “that liquid you need in your car during the winter.”)

We’re pleased to help! InstantFreeze is the newest technology for getting rid of bed bugs without the use of harsh pesticides or chemicals.

InstantFreeze kills bed bugs (including their eggs and larvae) by freezing them at -108F with carbon dioxide snow (dry ice). The carbon dioxide snow penetrates into cracks and crevices, eliminating bed bugs in the places where these insects hide!

InstantFreeze is our preferred bed bug treatment because it’s powerful, safe, and non-toxic. There are no chemicals or residue. (CO2 is dry and doesn’t leave any liquid behind).

Rooms (including hospital and hotel rooms) can be occupied immediately after the InstantFreeze bed bug control process has been completed. For offices, employees can get working again. For homes and apartments, residents can get back to living free of a bed bug infestation!

InstantFreeze isn’t just a technology, it’s a complete program.  Click here to learn more.