Several recent emails we received show how justifiably concerned parents are when they encounter bed bugs:

“I have a 10 month baby in my house with 2 other children, please help!”

“I just noticed 3 bedbugs on my sofa. I just had a newborn 3 weeks old. I need somebody to help me get rid of them in a safe manner for the baby!”

“We want to have our apartment inspected and treated, if necessary, for bed bugs. It is rather urgent as we have newborn twins.”

“I have a newborn baby and found a bed bug in my bedroom. I need help fast, please. I am very worried that bugs have bitten my baby and are causing health problems including severe rashes.”

“I’m the proud mother of a 7 week old boy. This summer my friend came to visit when I was still pregnant and she accidently brought me bed bugs.  I woke up one morning and had 6 bite marks and attributed them to mosquitoes. As the days went on I kept waking up with more and more bites. And now I’ve seen bed bugs, and found 2 of them walking on the outside of my son’s playpen trying to get in….I really need help. I need help before they go after my son. A newborn shouldn’t have to go through that. Please help!!!”

A bed bug problem, like any other threat to a child’s health, is scary to a parent.  When choosing a solution it is essential to pick a treatment method that is safe and does not further risk a child’s health.  Victims should not use chemicals as a primary method to solve bed bug issues.

In contrast, Bell Environmental uses a carbon dioxide freezing method to solve bed bugs instead of applying harsh chemical pesticides and bed bug sprays. Bell’s Instant Freeze bed bug treatments are a safe, non-toxic, and thorough solution that can be used around children and in hospitals without impacting human health.

Please reach out to us, we can solve your bed bug problems and help keep your children safe!