Just sit right back and you’ll hear a tale,
A tale of a fateful trip
We remembered for this little post
That will have you engrossed.
– Apologies, but actually relevant to “Gilligan’s Island.”

Just who are the Honeybees?  And why is Bell Environmental butchering a classic TV show theme song?  To answer those questions, we bring you Insect Music this week from Gilligan’s Island!

One episode of the legendary television sitcom Gilligan’s Island parodied the Beatles and Beatlemania. In the episode, a singing group, the Mosquitoes, landed on the island hoping for some quiet and relaxation.  The castaways tried to make the rock group’s lives miserable so they would want to leave—and take them with them. When that failed, the women formed a group, “The Honeybees” (you see there is an Insect Music connection) to try to encourage the band to take the castaways back to civilization with them.

See the video of the Honeybees here, including Mr. Howell’s Ed Sullivan impression.

What was the result?  The Mosquitoes decided to leave the island without the castaways because they thought the Honeybees were too good and they didn’t want any more competition …. and besides the series had another 2 seasons of episodes.

By the way, did you ever wonder how come the castaways brought so much clothing on a three-hour tour?   (The answer is here—but perhaps this fan who got way too involved in formulating his answer.)

Have a great weekend.