We admit it! We’re huge Beatles fans, and not just because we’re a pest control company….

We’ve found three great versions of the medley at the end of the Beatles’ Abbey Road. One by Paul McCartney at the Grammy’s – with friends Dave Grohl, Joe Walsh, Bruce Springsteen and Sir Paul’s touring band. Click here for the Abbey Road Medley from the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Sir Paul McCartney – Abby Road Medley – Grammy… by IdolxMuzic

We were also surprised at how much we liked Phil Collins’ cover of the medley.  It was done in collaboration with Beatles’ producer George Martin for Martin’s album “In My Life.”  (Here’s a track listing of the Beatles – don’t be surprised to find more covers from this album appear on this blog in the future.) Enjoy Phil Collins performing the Abbey Road medley.

And although he and Aerosmith are better known for covering the John Lennon penned “Come Together,” also from Abbey Road, Steven Tyler performed a really enjoyable version of the medley during the 2010 Kennedy Center Honors of Paul McCartney.

Hope you have the time to enjoy all three and the videos gave you a smile that will last the whole weekend! %