Did you read our blog post and ask “Who?” and “What?”

Twenty seven years ago this August we got home from summer camp and had to catch up on the movies we missed, especially “Back To The Future,” which was the big hit of 1985. 

(Spoiler Alert for anyone who hasn’t seen this classic.) At the end of the movie, Marty McFly fulfills one of his wishes from 1985 and gets to perform at the school dance, albeit 30 years only, where he channels his inner Chuck Berry for a gymnasium full of teens, three years before Chuck Berry actually released, “Johnny B. Goode.”  (As an additional trivia item, the opening riff of Johnny B. Goode is our boss’ ringtone.)

So for Insect Music Friday we bring you Marty McFly (Yes, we’re using “fly” as our hook) and a great music video from one of our favorite movies. 

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!