Just a warning, we’re postponing this week’s music video until Monday to give you a special and appropriate Monday Rodent Music video…..  Now on the theme of rodents, we’ve seen a lot of news this year about how rats are a problem on the streets and parks of New York City.

Just do a search of NYC’s newsite DNAinfo or more simply google “rats NYC” and you’ll see what we mean. (Our favorite was the blogger observing how “Rats come out when the sun sets. Kids at playgrounds will actually say, ‘Ok, let’s go, it’s rat time!’”)

The City, its businesses, and its residents are fighting rodents all over Manhattan, not to mention the other boroughs.  Now is the time to be more concerned, as it gets cooler, rodents seek shelter from the elements. They move inside buildings and cause problems for residents and spread health risks.

What can you do to avoid and solve rodent issues in your building? Call Bell Environmental. We’re experts who focus on permanent rodent control solutions that exterminate rodents and prevent new problems.  Eliminating rodents is not about throwing a lot of poison around or a dropping few traps.  Bell Environmental’s pest control experts are detectives that determine where rats and mice hide, live, and penetrate rooms and buildings, and what they’re eating.  That way we can take the right steps to solve your rodent problems.

Contact us online or call 877-376-1775 today to speak with our expert rodent control staff and learn how Bell Environmental can solve your rodent infestation.