A Manhattan woman concerned about bed bugs emailed us, “How soon can Roscoe come?!?”

Bell Environmental can be there right away to perform your canine inspection.

First, who’s Roscoe?

Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is a beagle who works for leading bed bug and pest control company, Bell Environmental Services. Roscoe is a scent hound  who has been trained to pinpoint bed bugs. Roscoe indicates that he’s found a live bed bug or egg by nodding and pointing. Each finding is then checked by his handler.  Roscoe has a strong work ethic and deep focus.

Why do people request inspections from bed bug dogs?

Bed bug canines are accurate, efficient, and quick: A trained bed bug dog is 250% better than a person is at discovering a low level bed bug infestation. According to university studies, bed bug sniffing dogs are 98% accurate at bed bug detection (able to detect adults and eggs) whereas human inspectors are only 30-40% accurate in discovering bed bugs when performing visual bed bug inspections when low level infestations are present. Dogs can smell bed bugs in locations that people cannot inspect, such as those hidden inside cracks, crevices, and wall voids. A bed bug dog can pinpoint bed bugs in a matter of minutes that a person might not be able to find after hours of bed bug inspection. Bell Environmental’s dogs can tell you whether you have bed bugs, and if so how big an infestation there is.

Did you know Roscoe is only one of our six canine detectives?

Bell Environmental is the largest Bed Bug detection and treatment company in our area and is fully licensed by state agencies to perform pest control services. Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog and his handler are only one of our certified canine detective teams.  Bell Environmental has five other canine teams so meet residential and corporate clients’ demands for inspection services.

What Does Bell Environmental do to keep our dogs sharp?

The success of canine Bed Bug detection is directly influenced by the quality of the dog and handler’s training and the daily care and maintenance of the dog in order to keep him sharp and healthy. Bell Environmental Services’ handlers and dogs have undergone intensive training and certification at top ranked canine academies. Our teams perform quality assurance training exercises daily, and all teams hold current WDDO (World Detector Dog) certification. WDDO is a not-for-profit organization which certifies scent detection teams working in the law enforcement, fire fighting, pest control and mold detection fields. Our dogs are trained 365 days a year to detect live bugs and viable eggs and are tested against other insects and control scents.

When not working in the field, our canine teams train regularly at our 4,000 square foot onsite training facility, performing training exercises and seeking out live bed bugs and eggs. In contrast to other companies, our canines do not go home with their handlers as these working animals, while loved and cared for 365 days a year, are not pets. They are kenneled at our training facility, which in addition to being equipped with furnished training rooms, provides a fenced in exterior dog  run, offering plenty of room for the canines to play and socialize when they are not working.

How does Bell Environmental compare to its peers?

Nobody does it better than Bell Environmental.  We have always been focused on providing the highest quality with the greatest resources and abilities in any of the areas where we comtete.  As a result, our company’s ability to bring canine detection services to customers is much greater than our large competitors.  When victims contact them, many cannot schedule dog inspections for several days or weeks- whereas we are able to get there to inspect right away.