We recently received an alert about a new bed bug detection product that was described on one of the New York blogs. and promoted by a bed bug blog.

What’s the product? A new $30 kit that customers for people to swab little black dots and determine if they are bed bug droppings.  It may be effective, but why spend $30 when rubbing the spot with a little bit of water (free from your sink) will do the trick?

That’s right- follow this tip that we got university entomologists: wet your finger and rub the suspicious black spot, which is usually the size of a pencil dot and raised above the surface. If the black spot turns into a red smear, then it was a fecal dropping (dried blood) and a probable sign of bed bugs.

If this or other signs lead you think you have a bed bug problem, then call a professional, such as Bell Environmental to solve it. While a bed bug inspection is something you can do by yourself, treatment definitely is not! Click here for why do-it-yourself solutions do not work! It’s better to spend your money on a quality bed bug treatment instead of buying products like this one.