Bell Environmental is pleased to celebrate Earth Day. Being “environmental” means more than our name. We’re not just going “GREEN” or highlighting how important “GREEN” is today- we practice environmentally sound pest control in our commercial pest control, bed bug control, and bird control divisions everyday!

Instead of emphasizing chemical approaches, we use more labor, conduct more planning to make the most out of each client visits, and a employ textbook-thorough approach to every client situation.

With our industry-leading methods including freezing bed bugs with recycled carbon dioxide, Bell gets rid of bed bugs smarter and faster than traditional pesticide-based approaches.

Specifically, what are our “green” pest control practices?

  • Pesticide Avoidance: using labor, advanced techniques and preventive measures
  • InstantFreeze™:   freezing bed bugs using a natural compound deployed in unique, non-toxic way to freeze and thereby eliminate bed bugs
  • Zero-Pest Zone System®:  placing stress on the pest populations pests, thereby eliminating them without the excessive chemicals typically used for these pests
  • Mechanical Barriers:  using mechanical means such as caulking compounds, traps, glue boards, and/or any other methods that employ physical force to eliminate urban pests
  • Integrated Pest Management: employing advanced planning and meticulous implementation of pest control services without the use of invasive, potentially unhealthy chemicals

Learn more about our “green” pest control solutions by visiting our website.