Halloween is supposed to be full of both sweet treats and scary tricks, but spiders and insects should just be decorations and props on this holiday- and never as a food source.  We don’t want any of our or your neighbors to give away candy from this store or emulate the “Superfudge” character who shared chocolate chip worm cookies.

You may think we’re pulling insect consumption stories out of thin air, but the topic is frequently in the news- and the topic always makes us cringe.  We never liked Fear Factor, let alone the contests in which contestants ate live spiders, bugs, or any other creepy crawly food.  No matter what the prize, whatever they may do in other countries, or however much someone may quip a food tastes like chicken, please don’t consume insects. 

Earlier this month CNN reported that a Florida man died after winning a roach eating contest.:

A 32-year-old man downed dozens of roaches and worms to win a python at a Florida reptile store, then collapsed and died outside minutes later.  [He] was among 20 to 30 contestants participating in Friday night’s “Midnight Madness” event at Ben Siegel Reptiles in Deerfield Beach, authorities said. The participants’ goal: consume as many insects and worms as they could to take home a $850 python.

Even if none of the other contestants reportedly got sick, what happened to this victims is enough reason to avoid insects as food.  Happy Halloween!