It’s October – one of our favorite times of year- for autumn food, trees changing color, baseball playoffs, Halloween, and Halloween themed television.

Which brings us to the MICHAEL J. FOX SHOW on NBC. If you haven’t see the show and have fond memories of this Family Ties and Spin City star, he’s back in a new program best described here. On October 31, Mike encounters his own Halloween horror caused by bed bugs.

This year we’re glad to see that Bed Bugs have made a return as a horror to be confronted in these holiday shows. These insects are not just blood-sucking vampires, they are are highly disruptive to victims and their loved ones.

In the “BED BUGS” episode, (airing (9:31PM): Mike’s (Michael J. Fox) love for his sister, Leigh (Katie Finneran), is put to the test when a bed bug infestation forces her to move in with his family. At the same time, Mike prepares for a big interview at work with special guest star Governor Chris Christie. Eve (Juliette Goglia) has trouble getting out of a practical joke she’s played on her brother Ian (Conor Romero).

We think it’s worth viewing, or at least setting the DVR to catch and watch over the weekend. (BTW – for discussions of more bed bug-TV themed episodes, click here and here.)