We’re not fond of a diet heavy on insects, no matter the merits pointed out by the United Nations, University of Chicago students, and others.

We’ve made our feelings clear on this blog, but have been topped in the depth of opposition by a local man who wrote to his newspaper editors the following:

Dear Editor:

The worthless United Nations Food and Agriculture Department wants the people of the world to combat global warming to end greenhouse gases, which is a fraudulent concept in itself, by putting an end to animal husbandry and animal flatulence! The U.N. wants you to eat more bugs, ants, spiders, grasshoppers and other insects to help fight global warming – the world’s big lie – by eating a diet of insects you can save the world from global warming.

Just imagine: You can have bed bug borscht, a cockroach kabob, crushed beetle on toast, cicada delight, sautéed grub, spider egg gumbo, crispy steamed ants, and a warm fricassee. The U.N. states that insects are a great source of nutrients, which will lead to good health. You can also reduce your food bill by eating the insect food source found in your yard and contribute to saving your planet!

What more do you want? By the way, when the U.N. has its meetings and conferences, what do they eat? Time to stop this liberal insanity! It’s time to get these socialists and America haters out of my country. As for myself, I’m heading to McDonalds to get a Big Mac meal and a large coke! God bless America. Have a hot dog, save America, and get rid of the nuttiness at the U.N.!