Last week, we received an early morning email that said:

Would love Roscoe at my apartment to inspect whether I have bed bugs or not.

Woke up last night with bites on my bottom right leg, now I think I have a infestation. If you would like to come this morning (12/27) I would be more than happy accomodate. I am home from 7am-12pm.. Thanks and hope to see you soon.Yes- we can be there4

Yes, we can be right away. Roscoe the Bed Bug Dog is just one of Bell Environmental’s six certified canine teams that inspect homes and offices. Bell Environmental is the largest Bed Bug detection and solutions provider in our area and is fully licensed by state agencies to perform pest control services. Bell Environmental’s canine teams are ready to meet residential and corporate clients’ demands for inspection services.

If our canine teams detect bed bugs, then we are able to provide thorough treatment services to solve problems.

Bell Environmental uses InstantFreeze to physically eliminate bed bugs by freezing them at -108 degrees Fahrenheit. Our bed bug specialists are scheduled 24/7, 365 days a year to serve our corporate clients, and arrive on site to respond quickly to customers’ requests for service. It’s the Bell difference that makes all the difference when you need to eliminate bed bugs.

PS – The client did have bed bugs, and we were able to prepare and treat her apartment right away.