Accurate, efficient, and quick: a trained bed bug dog is 250% better than a person is at discovering a low level bed bug infestation. According to university studies, bed bug sniffing dogs are 98% accurate at bed bug detection (able to detect adults and eggs) whereas human inspectors are only 30-40% accurate in discovering bed bugs when performing visual bed bug inspections when low level infestations are present. Dogs can smell bed bugs in locations that people cannot inspect, such as those hidden inside cracks, crevices, and wall voids. A bed bug dog can pinpoint bed bugs in a matter of minutes that a person might not be able to find after hours of bed bug inspection.

Cost Effective: Using a bed bug dog is a quicker way to find a problem than a human bed bug inspection. Moreover, dogs can accurately determine if and where there are problems at an earlier stage of bed bug infestation than people can easily detect. By identifying a problem earlier, a bed bug sniffing dog ensures that fewer people will be victims of bed bugs, and these insects can be eliminated before the problem spreads through a home, office, and multi-unit building. In contrast, an undetected low level bed bug infestation can grow exponentially if not treated. Two breeding bed bugs can quickly multiply, leading to 22 bed bugs and 130 eggs in 16 days; 162 bed bugs and 200 eggs in 31 days; and 302 bed bugs and 1040 eggs in 45 days.

Focused Treatment: A bed bug dog can isolate the problem areas. It is be more appropriate and less costly to focus on key areas that are infested or neighboring the affected areas, rather than spending money and unnecessary efforts on building-wide bed bug control.

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