Bed Bug treatment services are very different than is commonly offered or anticipated by customers for pest control. Bed Bug treatments focus on living areas instead of eating areas or places that have water. A quality bed bug treatment is labor intensive: a technician is not in and out of a room after quickly spraying pesticides on the base moldings. To eliminate bed bugs it is best to treat an entire residence or location. Bed bugs are best eliminated by physical means, not through chemicals or pesticides. Chemicals should not be the primary treatment method to solve this pest issue. There are no effective baits against bed bugs. Treatment is not performed immediately after a customer contacts us, it is important to prepare the area before bed bug control services are performed.

Bed bugs are eliminated through a detailed crack and crevice treatment. The time involved in a bed bug treatment is 1-2 man hours per room. For example, in a bedroom our technicians need to treat the bed (including mattress, box spring, bed frame (after it has been dismantled), and headboard), around and inside nightstands, the front and backs of pictures and mirrors hanging on the walls, the dressers each of the drawers, curtains, electronics, where the seam of the carpet meets the wall, among other places. It is necessary to provide multiple treatments per bed bug incident because of the biology of these insects.

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