Our Team

You wouldn’t send a kid with a garden hose to put out a five alarm fire, so when you get hit by bed bugs call in the professionals at Bell Environmental (as our commercial says!) Be careful when choosing a bed bug exterminator. Most pest control companies are not prepared to do the labor intensive work and apply the multiple treatments necessary to get rid of bed bugs. Often exterminators have to squeeze bed bug treatments into their regular pest control routes.

There is a huge difference by working with Bell Environmental:

  • We have a 50 year track record providing high quality pest control solutions.
  • We have two entomologists and four field supervisors on staff who closely supervise our teams.
  • We have a dedicated bed bug division.
  • Our technicians are all highly trained and thorough in the use of our InstantFreeze technology.
  • Our whole team is very experienced and skilled because our company does so much detailed bed bug work and we apply that experience to solve your problems.
  • We schedule the time necessary for our teams to provide thorough bed bug treatments.

Our Technology

The most effective treatments to eliminate bed bugs in your home and office are thorough, labor-intensive treatments using physical means, primarily extreme hot and cold temperatures. Bell Environmental uses the carbon dioxide freezing method for our detailed crack and crevice treatments. CO2 freezing is a superior and more thorough solution than steam. Our InstantFreeze technology has equivalent effects to steam and superior range when treating bed bugs. Carbon Dioxide freezing is a contact kill that hits the bugs and their eggs at -108F, and is dry, leaving no residue or moisture. We use InstantFreeze to provide safe and thorough crack and crevice treatments that solve customers’ problems. InstantFreeze won’t damage furnishings, computers, electronic equipment, or artwork.

While steam is non-toxic and can be effective, steam treatments are severely limited in a number of ways that our freezing method is not. Steam heat applies scalding water vapor directly to the bed bug, essentially steaming them to death. Since only water vapor is used, steam also poses a major problem: steam heat can damage anything that’s sensitive to either high temperatures or excessive moisture, like electronics, decorations, furniture, etc. Bed bugs occupy the cracks and crevices of electronics (clock radios, televisions, computers, etc.) that are in affected rooms and these items need to be treated as part of bed bug control. If steam is used to treat computers and electronics, it will damage them. Certain furniture may also be damaged or stained by the use of steam. Alternatively the pest control companies using steam do not treat these items, so their treatments are not nearly as thorough and the likelihood of eliminating bed bugs is much lower than Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze.

Our Scale

Bell Environmental has dozens of carbon dioxide freezing machines and hundreds of carbon dioxide tanks to perform complete bed bug treatments of all affected areas vs. competitors’ halfway solutions and spot treatments.

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