Bed bug victims often contact us for service after they’ve tried other solutions that didn’t work. They state that they’ve wasted time and money on do it yourself solutions or competitors’ services that didn’t work or have even made problems worse. They’ve also thrown away furniture that they’ve had to replace, but the bugs didn’t go away. They have also suffered physically and psychologically from their infestations.

Bell Environmental’s bed bug solutions are successful and cost-effective in contrast to conventional extermination approaches that just don’t work. Our methods solve problems – so customers don’t waste their money with pest control companies that are not thorough or have methods that aren’t safe, effective, or thorough enough to treat everywhere bed bugs hide including furniture, artwork, and electronics. Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze program is very cost-effective because customers do not have to throw out or replace infested furniture and electronics. We can safely treat all of these items with InstantFreeze.

Please contact us as soon as you suspect a bed bug problem, rather than wasting your time and money on ineffective treatments.

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