At the end of the inspection, the handler will provide the customer with a service ticket with a description of the bed bug dog’s findings, or lack thereof. If the bed bug sniffing dog indicates that there are bed bugs in this location and physical evidence is discovered, the handler will recommend a minimum two-phase bed bug control program to eliminate your problem. Should the dog alert to bed bugs and no physical evidence be found, Bell Environmental will make note on the service ticket that the alert was unverified. It is Bell’s belief that verification could not occur due to the bed bug’s power of concealment. In this case it is ultimately the client’s decision whether to proceed to the recommended 2-phase treatment plan, or wait for physical signs of bed bugs to appear.

If there is a question about the findings, we will bring in a second bed bug inspection team at the client’s request to inspect the apartment without letting the second bed bug dog team know that it is a re-inspection or any of the prior results. On certain occasions we have even brought in a third canine team to accommodate clients.

Once again, the decision of whether to treat or not is always left to the customer. Bell Environmental provides each customer with the bed bug dog’s findings, and its then his/her decision to hire us or other bed bug companies for treatment, or not to act on the findings at that time or at all.

It is also possible that the victims of bed bugs cannot recognize that they have a problem even after it has been pointed out. Approximately 30% of people do not have a reaction to bed bug bites. Others may have only small marks from being bitten and not the large welts commonly pictured, so they may not attribute these marks to bed bug bites. One of our company’s entomologists feeds bed bugs on his skin without any signs!

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