When a bed bug dog makes a positive alert during an inspection, we will have the dog re-inspect the area to make sure that he alerts to the same place both times.

It is not necessary to have the bed bug sniffing dog check the area over and over again, as repeated reinspections of the same area could cause the dogs to become bored or distracted.

All of our bed bug dog handlers make a strong effort to verify or find physical evidence when a canine has a positive alert. The human inspectors seek out live or dead insects, cast skins, eggs, or fecal spotting in the area around where a dog alerts.

There is no minimum or maximum amount of time one should spend searching for bed bugs in an apartment. Dr. Austin Frishman, a nationally renowned entomologist, advises that an inspector spend only 5-10 minutes looking for signs of bed bugs; after that a person could spend hours looking with a flashlight and magnifying glass and not find them. It is possible that in a low level bed bug infestation a human inspector won’t find anything because of the small size of bed bugs and the bugs’ power of concealment. Dr. Michael Potter, a professor from the University of Kentucky and one the foremost experts on bed bug control, notes that bed bugs concealed deep in cracks and crevices, particularly those hidden inside a box spring or sofa, can be hard for an inspector to locate.

The search for a bed bug can be similar to trying to find a moving needle in a haystack. A newly hatched bed bug is 1mm in size (the size of the tip of a ball point pen) and translucent. The eggs are also 1mm in size and have a pearly translucent appearance. A non-engorged bed bug is as thin as a fingernail. Their small size enables them to hide deep in cracks and crevices, on any item. To illustrate, there are 7 places for bed bugs to hide on 1 wooden hanger! Bed bug fecal droppings are equivalent in size to an ink dot. Other variables such the disparate furnishings of customers’ homes affect the ability to find evidence during a bed bug inspection.

On big jobs of numerous apartments or areas with large square footage, we bring a separate inspector to follow each bed bug dog handling team whose job is to record alerts and to inspect for physical evidence.

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