A normal bed bug control program consists of at least two treatments 2-3 weeks apart. Some residual substances such as dust and other non repellent materials may be applied in voids and cracks and crevices to provide ongoing protection and bed bug elimination for up to 4-6 weeks after the last treatment. After this 4-6 week period it may be appropriate and possible to bring canines to a location for another bed bug inspection.

We warn customers that people are more likely to gain exposure to bed bugs through human behavior than through the walls of their buildings. In the present bed bug epidemic, many people’s encounters with bed bugs are the result of bad luck. However, if a bed bug victim’s routine behavior has not changed or examined for a link to their current bed bug infestation—where they go, whom they vist, who visits them—then they are likely to re-infest themselves. No lingering residual bed bug spray inside wall voids will protect you from this type of contact with bed bugs. If you live in a multi-unit building which has bed bug control issues, there is always a possibility that they may find their way back into your unit from the hall or from a neighboring apartment. Early bed bug detection is the best method of proactive bed bug control.

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