The handler will make the bed bug sniffing dog thoroughly inspect the suspected areas and the rooms. During each job the handlers keep the dogs moving, inspecting different locations and making continual progress throughout a customer site to ensure complete bed bug detection.

When a bed bug dog alerts, it receives a treat and/or positive reinforcement from his handler. This reward system is standard protocol for working dogs. Other career canines (e.g., drug sniffing, arson, bomb, termite, truffle, and search and rescue dogs) are also rewarded with food, toys and other positive motivations. All handlers are certified, skilled, and practiced in recognizing body language cues specific to their dog which accompanies a legitimate positive alert.

We ask clients to reserve questions for the handler about his findings until the bed bug inspection is completed. Please note that a bed bug dog is not a machine, it may require rest, water, or “bathroom” breaks during a particularly long bed bug inspection of an environment like a large corporate office.

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