Whenever possible, it is recommended that bed bug control be performed by a licensed pest control operator that is skilled in bed bug elimination methods. Getting rid of bed bugs is a labor intensive process, the success of which relies upon a cooperative effort between the client and pest control operator. The pest control operator is responsible for educating the residential client on what type of pre-treatment preparations are necessary prior to treatment and the residential client must be responsible for seeing that these preparations are thoroughly performed.

Quality bed bug solutions include a detailed, thorough bed bug control treatment in which every crack and crevice in the area is serviced. Bed bug treatments should not rely upon heavy, general pesticide applications because the insects’ immunity to these bed bug sprays renders the residual potency of these materials insignificant. The only guaranteed bed bug elimination method is an on-contact kill that is preferably performed with a physical means of elimination such as freezing bed bugs with liquid carbon dioxide vs. chemically laden bed bug sprays. It is recommended that a minimum of 2 treatments be performed approximately 2-3 weeks apart due to the biology of the bed bug and their cryptic nature.

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