Bed bugs do not live on their hosts, unlike many other parasitic insects. They do not imbed their mouthparts into the skin like ticks, do not have grasping claws like lice, and do not bore into the skin like scabies. Bed bugs live off of their hosts in safe places of harborage, mainly cracks and crevices within furnishings and other items with small hiding places, making bed bug detection difficult. Bed bugs emerge approximately once a week (7-10 days) to feed for a period of approximately 3-10 minutes, biting up to 3 times during a feeding session, and then retreat back into their hiding spots.

Though bed bugs are capable of feeding on other warm blooded animals, humans are their preferred hosts. In cases of a low to moderate bed bug infestation level, it is unlikely that they will be feeding on a pet when humans are present in the environment. In addition, many domestic pets are usually given a flea and tick preventative application such as Frontline, which may act as a bed bug repellent as well.

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