We and our children are fans and avid readers of Mo Willems’ pigeon series, especially the book “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus,” (available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble) and turned into a clever video on YouTube.


But pigeons are a nuisance bird for reasons other than wanting to drive public transportation. In fact, they more often use buses as lavatories, than for their affordable transportation.

Bell Environmental has a whole division that focuses on Bird Control.  We use mechanical and other environmentally friendly means to protect buildings from pest birds. One of the places where we frequently install systems are bus terminals and other transportation and systems hubs such as light rail stations and ferry terminals.

Troupes of squawking birds at railway and bus terminals are not an uncommon site in most city and urban areas. What happens though when a full-blown bird infestation starts scaring away commuters and covering virtually every surface with slippery, disease-ridden droppings?

Gulls, Pigeons and Geese swarm open areas like these, along with parking lots and airplane hangars, nesting in eaves, ledges and other tight quarters. These birds are often an aggressive nuisance and pose significant health hazards. It’s important to remedy public bird infestations both quickly and discreetly to avoid public relations issues.

Other bird control companies may claim to well-disguised solutions, but only Bell Bird Control backs its installations with years of experience and a staff of the most seasoned and thorough bird control experts.

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