We caught two items that week, that gave us a little pause, and concern that people and cartoon characters are not heeding our warnings that insects really aren’t foods that Americans should consume. Please instead stick with the traditional Thanksgiving favorites.

First, did you see The Simpsons on Sunday? If not, then here it goes: there was a subplot involving Lisa passing out while playing her saxophone due to an iron deficiency, so this vegetarian decides to pursue bug-eating. No, it wasn’t a Halloween episode.  Check out this review of the episode for more details, or watch for the rerun later this season.

And in New York, the local news radio stations covered a spectacle in New York’s Times Square, in which visitors who want to attend the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum were offered half off their admission tickets—if they consumed one of several dishes containing insects.  We’ll spare you the details, but believe us, if that’s the incentive, as the old expression goes, “it’s not worth the price of admission.”

If you don’t want Turkey this week, then try serving tofurkey like the family did on “Everyone Loves Raymond,” not insects.  Happy Thanksgiving!