We don’t get political on this blog, but like the politicians and reporters heading into an election, we rarely take a day off, and we’re not above grabbing a timely headline as the subject for a blog entry – especially before topics get so far away from us that our comment would be irrelevant and make our readers shake their heads.

The two national political parties’ conventions recently ended, and, independent of any thoughts anyone has on the quality or content of the speeches, Republicans, Democrats, and the press corps were all surprised by nature and some unexpected troubles. Republicans had a difficult week during their convention contending with a hurricane, humidity, and mixed reviews of their surprise speaker Clint Eastwood and his chair.

The Democrats also had stormy weather and some hotel drama. But reporters at the DNC allegedly were also complaining about Charlotte’s “Bedbugs and Crack Dealers.” This news was most prominently covered by the Washington Times and the Huffington Post although the local tourism authority tried to rebut fears about Charlotte hotels.  It was also picked up by late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. He joked: