We’re proud to post and publish  our 100th entry on Bell-Environmental.com’s blog, where we provide advice on and answers to pest control questions and health issues, share bed bug avoidance tips, comment on pop culture, and provide a little humor and music.

As we recently published, the West Nile Virus carried by mosquitoes has been a big problem nationwide in 2012.  New York City, even though it’s in the northeast is not immune from mosquito issues. In fact, the first cases of West Nile Virus were reported in New York in 1999. Click here to see our that blog post on the West Nile Virus and why its a significant problem this year.

Bergen County, NJ just reported its first West Nile Case this year.  New York has been fairly lucky this year in terms of its number of West Nile cases vs. prior years.  But diminished levels of West Nile doesn’t mean that New York isn’t troubled by mosquito issues.  DNAInfo recently reported that since 2009, residents of West 84th Street between West End Avenue and Riverside Drive have been fighting off attacking mosquitoes. Click here to read the full story on the “Cloud of Mosquitoes Engulfing the Upper West Side.” (That’s a problem that’s more realistic that New Yorkers faced in Cloverfield or Godzilla, but hits as close to home as growing concerns about Rats on the Upper West Side.)

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