These are three emails from bed bug victims that we received this week:
•“I live in a small room with a bathroom. I have had bedbugs twice in this building and they have moved me out of my previous rooms and treated my items with sprays and chemicals. Plus I ended up throwing away many of my clothes and personal items. Now, I have bedbugs again. I’m tired of their method, it isn’t effective. I want to try your services even if I have to pay for it myself. I am on a fixed income but I would like to hear from you to hear my options.”
•“I had an exterminator use steam and harsh chemicals and I still have a bedbug infestation. I’m concerned that I may have to discard all my furniture and bedding to be bedbug free. I don’t want to bring the problem elsewhere.”
•“We”ve had bedbugs for about a year and a half now. Our landlord hired someone to exterminate but the problem got worse. We threw away furniture and yet the problem still exists.”

We’re sorry that these people didn’t contact us initially. Bell Environmental’s bed bug solutions are both successful and cost effective in contrast to conventional approaches that just don’t work. Our methods solve problems – so customers don’t waste their money with pest control companies that are not thorough or have methods that aren’t safe, effective, or thorough enough to treat everywhere bed bugs hide including furniture, artwork, and electronics.

In addition, our InstantFreeze program, is very cost-effective because customers also do not have to throw out or replace infested furniture and electronics, they can all be safely treated with InstantFreeze.

Please contact us as soon as you suspect a problem, rather than wasting time and money with ineffective treatments. And landlords, please use someone who can solve your problems rather than risking bed bugs spreading throughout the whole building while using an exterminator who isn’t equipped to or skilled in eliminating bed bugs.