Here is a behind the scenes photo from the filming of Bell Environmental’s new bed bug commercial, which is now airing on television. What do you think this “bed bug victim” is doing? And why does Bell Environmental think it’s a bad idea?

Why Do You Think He’s Dragging His Mattress Out Of His Home?

Why Do You Think He's Dragging His Mattress Out Of His Home?

In our view, it is wrong for a bed bug victim to hope to solve the problem by throwing out a mattress or any other furniture that is suspected or identified as harboring bed bugs or showing signs of bed bug activity. Bed bugs are not necessarily present only in the identified furniture, such as this victim’s bed. They may also be in the wall voids, the seam where the carpet meets the wall, cable, telephone, electrical outlets, light switches, curtains, window sills, picture frames, or other cracks and crevices in the structure of the building. Merely removing, treating or even fumigating furniture without treating the surrounding structure has a much lower probability of success than a comprehensive treatment that also includes treating the room.

In addition, the act of removing furniture that is not completely encased in plastic or other tight wrapping can serve to disturb and scatter the bugs, thus spreading them to other hiding places in furniture, the walls, or a shared hallway and possibly making a problem worse for the victim and his/her neighbors. This man and other bed bug victims are much better off paying for a thorough and safe treatment from Bell Environmental that doesn’t damage your their beds and home. Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze bed bug treatments are dry and leave no residue. It is safe to use on furniture, electronics, computers, etc. It only harms bed bugs and other insects!

That way bed bug victims solve their problems and don’t have to spend money on new beds and other furniture!

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