Our Exclusive InstantFreeze Stops Bed Bugs Cold & Without Chemicals

Bell Environmental has a dedicated team that is focused on solving any bed bug problems in your home. We are there to guide you through all the steps that we take to eliminate bed bugs in your house or apartment. Our team uses our exclusive InstantFreeze to treat bed bugs and keep your family and home safe. This freezing technique is the latest technique and technology for getting rid of bed bugs. InstantFreeze is non-toxic and chemical free method that protects the health of babies, children, the elderly, pets and everyone else in your home. Multiple recent scientific studies show that bed bugs are highly resistant or outright immune to pesticides. Bed bugs can’t resist being hit by Bell’s pesticide-free and extremely cold liquid carbon dioxide spray. Using our exclusive InstantFreeze program, we perform detailed crack and crevice treatments that get rid of the bugs where they hide. It is a green and non-toxic solution that is safe for your family to stay in your home during and after treatments.

Get Rid of Your Bugs Not Your Bed!

The fact that you don’t have to throw anything away or replace your furniture is one of the main benefits of our exclusive InstantFreeze program. Similar to dry ice, InstantFreeze has no moisture, so it can be used on all your furniture, art work, and electronics without any damage. You can solve your bed bug problems without throwing your mattress or anything else out- that saves you money, time, and aggravation because you don’t need to get new furniture.  Besides, often bed bug problems have moved beyond furniture to curtains, walls, cracks in the floor, and other places in a victim’s room – so throwing out your couch doesn’t get rid of your problem.

Studies have proven that thoroughness is the key to an effective bed bug treatment and InstantFreeze is the tool that gives us the greatest thoroughness. In each room we treat the inside and outside of every area where bed bugs hide including the bed (the mattress, box spring, headboard and frame), the night stand, desks, dressers, chairs, telephones, computers, wall hangings and more.

Because of the biology of bed bugs, best industry practices, and government recommendations, we perform a multi-phase treatment consisting of at least two visits.

We look forward to solving your problem.  Click here to learn more about Bell Environmental’s bed bug solutions or call us today at 877-376-1775.