Theaters Should Be Filled With People Not Bed Bugs

When customers associate Bed Bugs with a Theater it means panic and trouble – and your ticket sales can quickly fall.  New Yorkers are often paranoid about getting bitten by and bringing home bed bugs from movie theaters after news stories about bed bugs at Times Square, Chelsea, Brooklyn and many other theaters.  Bell Environmental has canine detection and bed bug treatment programs that find, and when necessary eliminate bed bug issues before they become trouble for your customers.

Bell Environmental’s performs Bed Bug Control Services using InstantFreeze. Our services allow theaters to be immediately reoccupied after treatments are completed. You don’t need to shut down your theater and lose revenue. With our regularly scheduled or on demand canine inspections we can pinpoint problems and treat the areas that you need to get rid of your bed bugs. Our bed bug specialists are scheduled 24/7, 365 days a year to serve our corporate clients, and arrive on site to respond quickly to customers’ requests for service. We have enough scale to be able to treat any size or multiple theaters at the same time.  Using our InstantFreeze method, there is no residue, or even scent. As a result you can reopen for the next show confident your problems are solved, without moviegoers and theater patrons even knowing there were ever bed bugs in the theater.

Consumers already have enough reasons to itch, let us make sure your theater is not one of them.  Contact Bell online or call 877-376-1775 to learn how our InstantFreeze bed bug solutions can end a bed bug infestation.