Bed Bug Control for Educational Facilities

Bed Bug Solutions for Growing Bed Bug Problems in Our Schools and Colleges

Reports of bed bug infestation levels throughout New York metro area schools are skyrocketing as the bed bug epidemic sweeps throughout the city, region, and nation. According to the NY Department of Education, bed bugs have spread into schools in all 5 boroughs, with bed bug infestation incidents highest in schools in Brooklyn and Queens. The problem is only growing worse: the latest available statistics are for the 2010-2011 year-end. Those results show that bed bug incidents were 352% of the 2009-2010 school year!

Time period Reported Bed Bug Incidents in NYC Public School System Incidents vs. the Prior Year Annual Growth Rate
SCHOOL YEAR 2010-11 3,590 3.52x 252%
SCHOOL YEAR 2009-10 1,019 1.9x 88%
SCHOOL YEAR 2008-9 542

These bed bug control issues aren’t surprising, especially considering that according to surveys 1 in every 10 New Yorkers has bed bugs! What’s more surprising is just how bad things will get without adequate bed bug detection and subsequent bed bug elimination. With over 1.1 million students in 1,700 New York City public schools, the potential for repeated incidents and full-blown bed bug infestations are enormous!

The bed bug control problem isn’t limited to the Big Apple; schools in New Jersey, Connecticut, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky have seen a rise in bed bug incidents this year. On top of that, bed bug infestation reports have come in from area colleges, including SUNY, NYU, John Jay College, Manhattan College, Drew, Rutgers, Hofstra, and Columbia Universities, as well as schools where local students attend such as Penn State, Boston University, MIT, and Harvard University!

Bed Bugs Have Affected Nearly Every School in the Northeast

Cornell University entomologist Jody Gangloff–Kaufmann has noted…

“Bed bugs are a particular concern in colleges. As kids return from college, I can’t think of a school that hasn’t been affected in the northeast by bed bugs.”

It’s obvious that it’s time for educational facilities to work with expert bed bug companies to develop protocols that prevent, detect, and eliminate these pests with proven bed bug solutions before things get even worse.

Bed Bug Solutions for Schools: What Works Best?

Although they’re called bed bugs, these parasites can live anywhere with access to human flesh and small hiding places. These hitchhiking insects travel with students and staff into schools and offices. Due to the huge number of students at any given school, a bed bug infestation can quickly spread from a few individuals to nearly everyone by traveling on clothing and in backpacks. Students can then bring them back home or to their dorms, perpetuating the bed bug transit cycle. Once present in a school, bed bugs hide inside desks, lockers, furniture, and walls, where they multiply and quickly spread throughout a facility.

Bell Environmental Bed Bug Control

Bell Environmental, the bed bug specialist, has worked with schools of all types and sizes, from public and private K-12, boarding schools, colleges, and law and graduate schools, providing bed bug detection and bed bug control services to solve problems before they become insurmountable. By freezing bed bugs instead of applying harsh chemical pesticides and bed bug sprays, Bell’s Instant Freeze bed bug control can prevent schedule interruptions, student/faculty panic, and unwanted PTA and public relations issues.

Bell’s InstantFreeze bed bug control system is a non-chemical solution which fits with schools and students’ preferences for environmentally friendly solutions. InstantFreeze is safe to use around children and adults, and it is compliant with state laws governing the use of pesticides in schools. By freezing bed bugs, there is no need to wait for service until weekends or school breaks. Our InstantFreeze program precludes the need to publicize, post advance notice of treatments, or inform the entire school community when there are issues. With pesticide use public notice would be required. In addition, a non-chemical approach avoids the issues of pesticides causing damage to classrooms that are far worse than the bed bug issues themselves.

In addition it’s not safe to use pesticides around children. According to the advocacy group Beyond Pesticides, children are especially vulnerable to health hazards associated with pesticide exposure because of their small size, greater intake of air and food relative to body weight, and developing organ systems. Even low levels of exposure can affect young respiratory, neurological, immune, and endocrine systems.

Bed Bug Solutions With No Disruption

Bell Environmental’s bed bug control program doesn’t use chemical means for bed bug elimination in schools. When issues are suspect we can bring in a bed bug dog, like our famous canine detective Roscoe, to find the source of and determine the extent of the problem. Then, our technicians apply our InstantFreeze dry ice solution to eliminate bed bugs in every desk, crack and crevice of the affected rooms without the need for prolonged downtime, aeration, or concerns of long-term toxicity. This means students, staff, and faculty can return to classrooms right after bed bug treatment is finished. We also schedule these inspections and treatments around the schools’ requirements and can be on site for service immediately or after-hours. Why should getting rid of bed bugs cause more of a disruption than the bed bugs themselves?!

As part of our bed bug control service we can also provide educational seminars for your faculty, staff, and students on how to be vigilant looking for signs of bed bugs. Bell Environmental is pleased to share our children’s activity and coloring book “Roscoe and the Big Bed Bug Hunt” as a fun and educational guide to bed bugs and detection for children in elementary school. We have also developed a free application named after our famous bed bug dog detective— “Roscoe’s Tips” for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. This app helps drive home the message and helps people learn how to be on the alert for bed bugs.

Get a Bed Bug Inspection Today Before a Problem Multiplies

Bed bugs multiply quickly, and a few specimens can result in a bed bug infestation in no time! The sooner you determine if you have bed bugs and which bed bug solutions you need to apply, the less damage, downtime, and negative publicity your educational institution will face.

To further support your institution, we provide 24 hour/7 day service so we can provide your facility with late night and early morning bed bug control service— so there’s no lost time or displaced students.

Contact Bell Environmental today at 877-376-1775 to discuss a bed bug control plan for your school.