Bed Bug & Pest Control Solutions for Hotels That Keep Rooms Open

Bell Environmental specializes in creating and implementing pest control programs for hotels, inns and the hospitality industry. We work with many hotels and hotel chains to eliminate bed bug issues as they arise in a way that keeps guest rooms open and available for service and billing. We use chemical-free, environmentally friendly solutions that eliminate pest issues, keep guests and employees safe, and do not harm your hotel’s furniture or property.

Safe, Thorough, Chemical-Free Bed Bug Treatments & Certified Canine Inspections

Bell Environmental uses InstantFreeze, a pesticide-free bed bug solution that keeps hotel rooms open for service with minimal interruption. Bed Bugs are a major problem in New York City and its surrounding area. Hotels are particularly vulnerable to (re)infestations from transient clients. Any potential guest or employee can bring in bed bugs and create new problems at any time. As in apartment buildings, problems can easily spread between rooms.

With InstantFreeze there is no need to shut a hotel room for a single night! Our skilled technicians are onsite quickly. Our Bed Bug Control Services do not necessitate shutting down rooms post treatment and do not require any clean up of any chemicals. Rooms can be immediately reoccupied after each treatment.

Hotels know that the cost of shutting down a guest room for bed bugs is hundreds of dollars per night per incident, with rooms being typically shut 24-72 hours after pesticides are used in a guest room. In fact, the American Hotel and Lodging Association recommends that a hotel room be shut down for the entire two weeks between bed bug treatments.

Bed bugs also can lead to reputational problems and legal issues if complaints aren’t resolved quickly and completely.

Bell Environmental also has skilled and certified canine inspection teams that target live bed bugs and viable eggs on an as needed or proactive basis. Our teams can be onsite right away to perform specific checks or to inspect larger areas of your hotel to prevent greater problems.