Bed Bug Solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

Bed Bug Control: Effective, Sanitary, Thorough

Bell Environmental saves hospitals millions of dollars per year by providing them bed bug services that solve problems and keep their hospital rooms open. Our hospital clients avoid losing income from emergency rooms, patient rooms, and clinics of $12,000 per bed bug incident by solving issues hundreds of times each year, without room closures and avoiding pesticides.

Bell Environmental provides ways to detect and eliminate a bed bug infestation without shutting down any hospital area for a significant length of time, preventing loss of patient revenue— all without using bed bug sprays or chemicals.

The NYC Department of Health stated that 1 in 15 people in New York City had bed bugs in the last year. The bed bug epidemic has continued to spread throughout the New York City Metro region, including many public places such as hospitals, nursing homes, and healthcare facilities. Considering the number of patients, staff, and visitors these buildings see each year, the odds of a bed bug infestation are significant! Because hospitals need to provide immediate and ongoing care to patients and are rightfully concerned about infection control, they need to have effective bed bug detection and bed bug control services with minimal health risks, service interruptions, or intrusion on patients, doctors, and other staff.

Bed Bug Infestation: Avoid the Huge Costs of Shutdowns

While most bed bug companies use toxic chemicals that result in forced closures of hospital rooms, Bell Environmental freezes bed bugs for safer bed bug control without chemical pesticides, in order to prevent shut downs. Our services immediately pay for themselves. The savings to a hospital by keeping rooms open are over 8 times the cost of bed bug control services. In contrast, the losses incurred when rooms are closed after pesticide-based bed bug extermination are over 12,000 in lost billing per room for each bed bug incident. This includes room revenue lost while waiting for service and the income lost during the two days the room was vacant after chemical bed bug sprays were used.

Additionally, the cost to a hospital’s reputation, and employee and patient relations (and potential liabilities) from having insufficient and ineffective bed bug solutions are beyond measure.

Bell Bed Bug Control— An Effective Plan

Bell Environmental is a full service pest control company specializing in bed bug control for hospitals and healthcare facilities, and serving dozens of major hospitals in the New York Metropolitan area. We use trained bed bug sniffing dogs for 98% effective bed bug inspection, finding bugs where humans can’t. Once a bed bug infestation has been determined, Bell Environmental immediately responds, providing bed bug control with our exclusive InstantFreeze program. This bed bug freezing method is a pesticide-free process that keeps patient rooms, clinical areas, and offices open for service with minimal interruption.

Emergency Bed Bug Services for Hospitals: Fast and Effective

Because InstantFreeze bed bug control is non-toxic and non-chemical, it is perfect for sensitive hospital environments. In addition, it is completely residue-free and can be safely used on computers, electronics and medical equipment—places that have been known to harbor bed bug infestations—but cannot be treated with heat and/or dust/liquid pesticides without risk of damage. Most importantly, rooms can be immediately reoccupied after treatments are completed, which makes InstantFreeze ideal for bed bug control in busy emergency rooms and on patient floors where downtime is not an option.

Bell Environmental provides a 24/7/365 Emergency Service to hospital and healthcare facilities within a 50 mile radius of a Bell Environmental office. This Emergency Service ensures a 4 hour on-site response to your bed bug detection complaint.* Your hospital does not have to shut down rooms, and patients/staff can immediately reoccupy post treatment, saving thousands of dollars for the hospital per incident. Our bed bug solutions do not compromise patient care or health, and do not force the hospital to clean up any chemicals.

Freezing Bed Bugs with InstantFreeze™

Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze bed bug control program is unique. No competitor offers comparable scale, logistics, materials, CO2 freezing lances, training, expertise or focus to offer these bed bug treatments to its customers. We respond to all reports of bed bug activity during all hours, day and night. We are onsite within 4 hours, and are ready to service emergency rooms or other areas with bed bug detection and elimination. Everything in the room is serviced using the InstantFreeze carbon dioxide method, leaving behind no residue or chemicals, so rooms can be reoccupied immediately after freezing bed bugs has taken place.

Our Bed Bug Solutions Comply with NYC’s Local Law 37

InstantFreeze is a non-chemical, non-pesticide solution which is fully compliant with Local Law 37. Enacted in 2005, Local Law 37 prohibits the use of certain pesticide products based on their toxicity and potential to cause cancer and/or reproductive effects in any property owned or leased by New York City, including the hospitals, schools, and offices. These prohibitions apply whether a chemical is used by City personnel or its contractors. In addition, under Local Law 37, many chemical products that can be used require a pre-notification posting 24-hours in advance of pesticide usage that chemicals will be used in a location. There are no restrictions on the use InstantFreeze nor are any pre-notifications or announcements required.

Vigilance is the Best Defense Against Bed Bugs

As part of our bed bug control service contract, Bell Environmental provides in-service training and education to your staff. We educate them on subjects including how to prevent bed bugs problems from becoming overwhelming, and how to lessen the risks of spreading bed bugs through your facility.

Contact Bell Environmental today at 877-376-1775 to discuss a bed bug control plan for your hospital or healthcare facility.

* 24/7/365, 4 hour on-site Emergency Response time applies only to the InstantFreeze program of bed bug control treatments, and not to canine bed bug inspection services.