24/7 Bed Bug Control Specialty Services

Customized Bed Bug Solutions for Every Type of Facility

When bed bug issues hit, remember only Bell Environmental can treat anywhere and everywhere, anything and everything at anytime to solve your bed bug issues and keep your office, hospital, school, store, even airplane — running day and night, without shutting down. Bell provides 24 hour-a-day/7 day-a-week bed bug control service, so we can treat all your locations, airplanes, and vehicles to keep your business, hospital, or agency open and your employees and customers happy.

Bell Environmental is a leader in providing bed bug control services for the New York Metropolitan area. We have a dedicated and separate division that provides bed bug solutions for all our commercial, healthcare and other specialty business customers. These bed bug solutions are distinct from our commercial pest control efforts, as the intensity and thoroughness of the treatment is much greater. And, for effective bed bug elimination, this higher degree of intensity if critical!

InstantFreeze™ is Safe, Green, and Effective for Your Employees, Customers, Computers, and Furniture!

By freezing bed bugs instead of applying harsh chemical pesticides and bed bug sprays, Bell’s InstantFreeze bed bug control service prevents downtime, schedule interruptions and unwanted public relations issues. When it comes to specialized bed bug solutions, Bell delivers on the promise of thorough bed bug elimination.

No chemicals, no smells, no clean up, and no dollars lost!

Learn more about our specific bed bug solutions for hospitals, schools, businesses, and apartment buildings, and for new home occupancy:

  • Healthcare Facilities — With so many patients coming in and out on any given day, the risks of bed bug infestations at healthcare facilities are enormous.
  • Educational Facilities — Administrators are always surprised by just how bad things can get — quickly — without an adequate bed bug detection and bed bug elimination plan.
  • Commercial Offices — Bed bugs have been reported in hundreds of big box retail and commercial locations, and thousands more bed bug infestations have gone unreported.
  • Airlines — Airlines suffer huge damage to their reputations, have to take planes out of service and scare crews with bed bug problems. Bell Environmental gets rid of these pests and keeps planes flying on schedule.
  • Hotels — Bell Environmental specializes in creating and implementing pest control programs for the hotels, inns and the hospitality industry.
  • Multi-Family Dwelling — From Newark, NJ to Park Avenue, no place is immune from bed bugs. Bed bug control problems affect all environments, no matter how posh.
  • Theaters — Bed Bugs + Theater usually equals panic and trouble. Those words are not a combination that theatergoers want to encounter.
  • Data Centers — Bell Environmental’s InstantFreeze service is unique in that it is safe to treat electronics and all other materials without damaging these items.
  • Retailers — If you’re a business owner, human resource director, or facility manager of any commercial property, you know that preventing bed bug issues requires proactive vigilance, frequent bed bug inspection and thorough, noninvasive elimination methods.
  • Libraries — Who knew that bed bugs are really book worms that love libraries? We did. Bell Environmental has worked with many libraries in our region to detect and treat bed bug issues.
  • Emergency Responders — As bed bug infestations have spread to more locations, police offices, fire fighters, and emergency medical professionals face increased risks of bringing these pests into their vehicles, headquarters and even their homes.
  • Rental Inspections — Sleep easier at night without wondering “how to tell if you have bed bugs.” Bell’s Bed Bug Dogs can detect bed bugs hiding in the smallest nook and cranny.

Contact Bell Environmental today at 877-376-1775 to discuss how we can provide bed bug detection and solutions.