Bed Bug Preparations Provide Peace of Mind And Improve Your Treatments

Bed bug solutions are cooperative efforts in which the victims help the pest control company gain access to all the cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Bell Environmental, most other pest control companies, landlords, and government officials explain that customers need to cooperate with our pest control efforts by preparing their homes for bed bug treatments. Bed bug preparations are similar to a move, packing up boxes and bags and sorting through personal items and clothing. We realize that bed bug prep can be tough, especially when you’re already dealing with stress of having bed bugs and want these pests gone right away. People who live in tight spaces and have a lot of items that need to be treated often ask Bell Environmental to take care of their packing and preparations for them.

  • We can prepare and pack your whole home for treatment.
  • We can remove, treat, store, and return clothing, personal items, and furniture at our secure facilities while you undergo treatment.
  • These services can save you time, stress, and money vs. other options, such as dry cleaning and renting storage, and increase the likelihood of a successful pest elimination program.

Bell Environmental’s preparation services take place prior to our treatments. Our Bed Bug Prep takes away the stress of having bed bugs and increases our ability to quickly eliminate your bed bug problems. Our vetted, licensed, full time pest control professionals perform these tasks in a careful and respectful manner to help our customers through difficult situations. By giving you high quality preparations, we gain clear access to areas items that need to be treated, and can perform our thorough treatments. Bell Environmental highlights to bed bug victims that treatment thoroughness is the key to bed bug elimination.

Bell’s prep services are separately scheduled, performed, and billed in addition to our bed bug elimination services.

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